Monday, 24 April 2017

Up, up and away!

Today we had a great hook into our new City of Culture season - 'Roots and Routes' - and our new topic all about Amy Johnson.

The question for this term is:

Could I do what Amy Johnson did?

To help boost us into the idea of Amy Johnson and get excited about the next term to come we spent the entire day doing different activities. 

We designed and decorated our own moths like the ones that have been placed around town. 

We used the iPads to research facts about Amy Johnson and began to create a comic strip to show these facts. 

We even did some baking! We made chocolate chip cookies in the shape of planes and sold them after school to raise money for a trip next half term. 

We used our junk modelling, arts and crafts skills to create a huge gypsy moth plane! We've created the main part of the plane and we are hoping that by the end of the week it will be completely finished!

Everyone has worked so hard today and really used their teamwork! It was a fantastic start to a new term!

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