Monday, 3 October 2016

Super Senses Cave Descriptions

Today we had a fire on the school grounds!

But before anyone gets panicked it was all in aid to support the children with using their senses to describe a cave setting. We had discussed that if they were cold they would have lit a fire to keep warm - we also talked about fire safety before we went outside.
We then walked down the corridor and tried to stay quiet so we didn't disturb any other classes.

We made sure we kept our distance from the fire and stayed behind the safety line.

We used our senses to describe the fire.

We heard crackling and popping.

We could see the bright orange and yellow flames with the thick grey smoke rising into the air.

After our fire experience it was time to explore the nature around us that we could include in our setting descriptions later this week.

"The tree feels rough"

"Red berries and green leaves"

Hiding in a cave.

Making fire!

"A large, green leaf with light green lines"

"Pointy leaf"

Telling stories like real cave people.

"Look, I made an umbrella!"

We then came back to the classroom and worked as a group to write all the different things we did on our sense sheets to help us tomorrow.

What was your favourite thing?

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