Wednesday, 5 October 2016

No Pens Day Wednesday

Today is No Pens Day Wednesday! We have had a whole day of remembering not to use pencils!
Read on to find out what we have been doing...
In guided reading we matched words from the book we're reading to their definitions.

In literacy we focused on our speaking and listening skills. We discussed how to spot mistakes in sentences and then worked together to tell the middle section of our stories, where our main character goes on a journey.

For maths we made use of some excellent interaction games to practise our place value understanding.

We then worked in groups with a selection of 1 digit numbers and used them to create our own 2 digit and even 3 digit numbers. We had to work out what the largest and smallest number we could make was!

In the afternoon we had a circle to talk about the things we liked to do that didn't involve a pen or a pencil. We had lots of children that really enjoyed swimming.

Then we made our own woolly mammoths like in the story 'Cave Baby'.

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