Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hands on History Visit

Today has been a very exciting day. We went to the Hands on History Museum to have an Ancient Egypt experience... we even saw a real mummy!

We were all very excited on the bus making our way there. Even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits.

First, we were invited into the Hands on History Museum for our individual session. We looked at Egyptian artifacts such as the throne chair of Tutankhamen! We used our eyes to find clues on the artifact to come to the conclusion it was the special chair that it was.

One of the most exciting things we saw was the real mummy! It had to be kept in the dark and in a glass case to protect it, We came up with some brilliant questions at this point.

We then split into groups and got to handle some other artifacts. We discussed them as a group and came to conclusions of what we thought they might have been used for before the leader told us all about the different objects.

Once our session was over we went to the Hull and East Riding Museum to explore.

We saw some amazing artifacts in the different areas.

After all of that fun we sat and ate our well earned lunch before getting back on the bus to come home!


What was your favourite part?

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